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Aldo Abreu Lead tutor at Recorder Week 1996
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet Probably the best recorder consort in the world. Buy their CD's!
Christchurch Youth Recorder Ensemble An excellent recorder orchestra
Rodney Waterman Tutor at Recorder Week 1996
Zana Clarke The Australian performer, teacher and composer

Instrument Makers and Manufacturers

CBH Carey Beebe Harpsichords Australian harpsichord maker
Dolmetsch Online A lot more than just school instruments!
Jaqueline Sorel A Dutch Recorder Maker and performer
Moeck Recorders Wooden Recorders for the intermediate to advanced player
Mollenhaer Recorders Wooden recorders for intermediate to advanced players. Some second-hand instruments. A lot of this site is in German
Yamaha Wind Instruments Plastic and wooden recorders for all.
Peter Worrell A UK manufacturer specialising in instruments for people with disabilities. Check out his gallery page.


Boulder Early Music Shop On-Line American retail of early instruments and music
Orpheus Music Zana Clarke's site - retailing modern, melodic recorder music
Saraband Music Specialist retailer and publisher of early music - fine modern editions and facsimilies, gut strings and baroque bows. Catalogues available (Please state instrument). A very nice website as well!
Saunders Recorders A UK retailer, obviously an enthusiast
Wooden Recorders A NZ retailer, specialising in Kung wooden recorders

Early Music Groups

American Recorder Society The USA society site with lots of useful links and information
New Zealand Society of Recorder Players Auckland based but with a number of branches in the North Island
British Society of Recorder Players Branches throughout the UK

General Information

Antique Sound Workshop A guide to recorders, manufacturers and some makers provided by the Antique Sound Workshop, a USA retailer
Early Music Frequently Asked Questions Lots of good information about early music
Learn to play the recorder A valuable resource for teachers. Lots of simple melodies for beginners and improvers.
Early Music Network A good site for contacts and information about early music.
Recorder Home Page The most comprehensive recorder site on the web
Renaissance and Baroque Composers Many composer links, as well as history and genre information. Other good features are the links to Mediaeval to Renaissance Dance and Art, scores and facsimiles, together with national style guides.