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REMU has a library of magazines and books of interest to recorder players, plus a large number of musical scores and parts. The library is maintained by Ron Ward. See How To Borrow for borrowing terms and conditions.

Magazines and Books

Early Music A quarterly Journal published by Oxford University Press. It was founded by our own John Thomson and has continued to be published. We have over 65 issues spanning 1973 to 1995. Unfortunately there are some gaps due to borrowers failing to return items
Early Music New Zealand A quarterly founded in 1985 and continuing until December 1987, edited by Adrienne Simpson and others. We have most editions.
The Piano-Forte The history of the piano up to the Great (UK) exhibition of 1851. By Rosamund E.M. Harding (A substantial book). Published by Gresham in 1978
Treatise On Harmony By Jean-Philippe Rameau, translated by Philip Gossett. Published by Dover in a 1971 edition of the 1722 publication.
The Recorder Player's Handbook By Hans-Martin Linde, translated from the German by James C. Maden. Published by Schott 1962.
Vestiva I Colli By Palestrina, edited by H. Capilupi. Five part (SATTB). Six scores. Includes voice parts in English and Italian.
Zefiro Torna By Marenzio. Six playing handwritten scores of four parts (SATB). Includes voice parts in Italian.
Zefiro Torna By Alfonso Ferrabosco Six copies of the five part score. Hand written and 9 pages long. Includes voice parts in English and Italian.
Chi Salira per Me By Wert, edited by Ariosto? Five copies of a four part score (SATB). Includes voice parts in English and Italian

Music Collection

Much of this music was gifted from other players. Some of it is in editions that have since been superceeded - often by later editions compiled by better editors.

Most of the music is for recorders, or playable on recorders with minimal adjustments to parts. The collection includes works that may not be exclusively for recorders (eg Holbourne's complete PGA collection) but which can with minor adjustments be played by recorders.

Ron has indexed the collection on composer, editor, date of composition, title, and numbers of parts.

We do not publishing an index for several reasons. Direct contact enables Ron to advise you about the quality of the copy and transmission issues that may affect your borrowing. Please contact Ron direct by email or phone 64 4 970-8420 for any enquires.

It may not be essential for people to borrow directly from the collection. It can also be used to find where a particular tune or work is available. If someone wants to find a theme from say Beethoven's 9th then Ron can tell them the tutor book in which it may be found.

The collection currently consists of:

Solos 1039 solos for various recorders
Duets 280 duets for various recorders
Trios 455 trios for various recorders
Quartets 466 quartets for various recorders
Quintets 135 quintets for various recorders
Sextets 27 sextets for various recorders
Septets Three septets for various recorders
Octets Four octets for various recorders
Accompanied 201 compositions for Recorders with other instruments
Keyboard 28 compositions for keyboard only
Vocal 82 songs
Symphonies One symphonic score

How To Borrow

The library is available to REMU Members, and to members of the NZ Society Of Recorder Players. Because of the fragile state of some of the items, Ron reserves the right to restrict borrowing.

There is normally no charge for borrowing, apart from postage and packing. Charges for loss or damage will be applied.

Please contact Ron Ward by email or by phone 64 4 970-8420 to arrange a loan.