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Memorable Events

Flotenlusthof - A Concert Of German Music A concert featuring four of Wellington's best recorder and early instrument players was presented on Sunday afternoon, 12th September 2004 at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

The concert featured (from left to right) Bernard Wells (blockflutes); Kamala Bain (blockflutes); Katrin Eickhorst-Squire, (blockflute and baroque cello); and Douglas Mews, (blockflutes and harpsichord)

Music ranged from the "normal" recorder repertoire of Telemann Sonatas through to the ethereal melodies of Karlheinz Stockhausen and the folk-dance inspired tunes of Hans Ulrich Staeps. A special item was a composition by Tabea Squire, a student at Onslow College.

Playing was of the highest standard, and was enhanced by the ambience and acoustics of the Cathedral. We are fortunate to have four professional recorder players living and teaching in Welington.

REMU would like to thank the sponsor of this concert, the Goethe-Institut for their generous support.